Professional Consultants Group

Prof. Xiyou Zhao

Senior Captain of The people's Liberation Army; The Professor and Postgraduate Instructor of air force academy

Major on buffer package for airborne supplies

Counselling Haida to make universal testing machine apply to airborne supplies testing

Prof. Xingye Wang

Major general of the people's liberation army;  The Vice Dean Professor of the National University of Defense Technology, Master Instructor

Major on mechanical properties of composites

Counselling Haida to improve mechanical testing machine to the national army standard requirements and apply to military testing

Prof. Hong Xiang

Counselling Haida to R&D the full series of ISTA packaging testing equipment, among which the buffer material testing machine technology and super international advanced level

Graduated from the Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University

Professor and Dean of Food College of South China Agricultural University, Master Instructor

Deputy Secretary General of Packaging Education Committee of China Packaging Federation

Mr. Yanchang Shi

Counselling Haida to establish a self-inspection system for measurement, and the factory equipment is up to third-party measurement standards

Chief Engineer of China Institute of Metrology

Executive Director of Chinese Society for Measurement

Vice President of China Weighing Instrument Association(CWIA)

Member of the Science and Technology Committee of the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision