tensile test machine

Mechanical Testing Solution

Haida Mechanical Testing Solutions can help a variety of companies to solve their problem about mechanical testing and material testing.Such as improve your product reliability and quality; research and development and production. Haida testing solutions can explain how to choose the testing machines and test types.These are in accordance with international standards, such as ASTM, ISO, and EN.

Test Types

Haida provides mechanical testing equipment which are capable of performing many types of mechanical tests. Haida universal testing machines can perform tension, compression, bend, torsion,shear and peel testing. We also manufacture tensile strength test machines capable of torsion, axial-torsion , and fatigue testing. Haida can offer different fixtures and each type of fixture can correspond to one type of testing.

Material Testing

Haida mechanical testing equipments are multi-functional and flexible. Our universal testing machines are capable of determining the mechanical properties of a wide variety of materials,such as adhesives,medical,metal,plastic,foam,rubber,textile and wood,etc.

Mechanical Testing Equipment

Haida can provide a complete line of standard tensile strength test machines,including single-column tensile test machine,double-column tensile strength tester,peel strength tester,hydraulic universal testing machines,etc. We also take great proud of utilizing over 13 years of experiences in designing and building custom solutions for unique requirements.

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