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Inventory Management System

Strong inventory information storage, calculation, query capacity
The computer database management technology is adopted to store the basic information of all kinds of inventory. As long as the warehouse keeper input the basic business data such as the out list and in list, the computer will use the advanced query and powerful data calculation function of the database to calculate and generate the detailed account books and reports of all kinds of inventory.

Real-time sharing of inventory information, inventory control more scientific
The inventory information in the inventory management system can be integrated with the purchasing management, production management and financial processing modules in the ERP system through the sharing platform to realize the timely integration and transmission of enterprise logistics, capital flow and information flow.

The inventory management process is scientific and standardized, and the inventory management is more optimized
The inventory management system usually has the functions of warehousing purchase, warehousing of finished products, warehousing of materials, warehousing of materials, warehousing of materials, warehousing of sales, inventory management, etc. At the same time, different personnel are authorized according to different businesses to supervise and control the business processing.