Haida Testing

Haida testing, The parent of four separate divisions, is a manufacturer of testing equipment with many years of manufacturing experiences. For more than a decade, we have served customers in a variety of countries, helping many large companies to develop testing solutions and laboratory planning solutions.

Furniture Test Equipment

Haida manufacture a complete line of furniture test equipment,which including:Chair test equipment,mattress test equipment,sofa test equipment,foam test equipment and cookware test equipment utilized by furniture manufacturer and laboratory worldwide.

Environmental Simulation Test Equipment

Haida provides standard and custom-designed environmental simulation test equipment that simulate climates such as high/low temperatures, humidity and altitude conditions,aging circumstance,etc. Our products are sold to a wide range of manufacturing industries and are used for R&D Testing, product quality testing,accelerated aging and water resistance testing of products.

Paper&Package Test Equipment

Haida is specialist at helping to control and improve product quality in paper&packages industries. Haida can offer paper&package test equipment,which can meet international standards,especially ISTA testing standard.Haida not only provide Testing Equipment, but also offer testing service with free of charge. Having professional and experienced R&D department can tailor-made testing machine according to customer’s demand.

Mechanical Test Equipment

Haida has been trusted to provide testing equipment and solutions to leading universities, government agencies, and manufacturers around the world for over 10 years.Mechanical test equipment in Haida are capable of determining the mechanical properties of a broad range of materials and types of mechanical tests. Haida has a group of lab consultant to help you find the right testing equipment and services to test your material.

Haida is your one stop testing solution - one company that can meet your testing equipment, testing services, and contract testing needs.