YES or NO, is there a third option?

YES or NO, is there a third option?


Stephen Covey says, "I see myself as a creative and self-aware person, not just a" side "that I'm siding with in a conflict. This life go round and round, meet a lot of people also experience a lot of things, also slowly understand. When communicating with others, let them compromise me, which is the first choice;I compromise, is the second choice;The third option is for me to work with the other person to find a solution that is mutually beneficial, not just from compromise.When I saw this, I felt very familiar. Isn't this what we have been advocating "win-win"?


The book I'm going to share with you today is Stephen Covey's Choice 3. The first thought pattern of the third option is that I see myself. It is the first step to cooperate with others. We should first recognize ourselves and manage our emotions.

The second mindset is that I see you, in real life, we tend to label people all the time, he's a bureaucrat, he's uneducated, he's a dishonest businessman and so on, all of which contain hatred and prejudice.It is beyond these prejudices that we find the third option -- to know and explore it with him.

The third mindset is I find you, and the key is to listen, to learn to listen with empathy, not to argue too quickly.

The fourth mode of thinking is that you and I work together and cooperate with each other.