What Is The Impact Of The China-Us "Trade War" On The Instrument Industry?

On March 23, 2018, the US President signed a memorandum announcing the imposition of tariffs on Chinese imports worth $60 billion and restricting Chinese companies from investing in the United States.

This time, the United States has imposed tariff-imposed goods on China's top ten high-tech industries such as China Manufacturing 2025, including a new generation of information technology, aerospace equipment and industrial robots. After the US president announced the increase of tariffs, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce immediately countered the proposed tariff of 15%-25% on US imports of about $3 billion worth of fresh fruits, dried fruits, wine and pork.
It can be seen from the "trade war" between China and the United States that the United States is targeting high-tech industries, while China is targeting low-tech industries such as agricultural products. Some high-tech industries and products have not been included in the list of "trade wars" against China because some high-tech products have restricted exports to China. Some high-tech products are still difficult for the United States to loosen. of. These advanced technology products are hard to come by, and it is normal to not be included in the list.
In recent years, foreign instrumentation companies have been optimistic about the Chinese market, and have stepped up their strategic investment in China. The performance of China's instrumentation industry has grown faster than the United States and other developed markets. The US trade war against China will limit the investment of foreign instrumentation companies in China, reduce technology transfer, and further hinder the development of China's instrumentation industry.