The new national standard for formaldehyde emission

Last year, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standards Committee revised and issued the new national standard for the release of formaldehyde in interior decoration materials and their products (GB18580-2017) (hereinafter referred to as the new standard), and revised the formaldehyde test method. And its formaldehyde release limit value, the implementation date is May 1, 2018.
It is understood that the most obvious change of the new standard is to increase the requirement of formaldehyde emission limit. The formaldehyde emission limit is 0.124 mg/m3, and the limit mark is E1. The original E2 level is cancelled and synchronized with international standards.
In addition, the new standard also canceled the detection method of the dryer method and the perforation extraction method in the original standard, which was unified into the “1 cubic meter climate chamber method”.

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