The Difference Of Colors

Red: Representing a fiery heart, it is a fascinating and intoxicating, a symbol of a happy ending.
Orange: The skin of the orange is orange, the color is not so beautiful, symbolizing the hardships
Yellow: The autumn leaves are covered by you, and the radiance of the sun shines like the sun, like gold.
Green: It is a happy angel sent by God. In an instant, the world is filled with green and filled with joy. The spring world is a green world. The stubborn grass reveals its naughty and old-fashioned smile. Liu Si rolled up her beautiful paper hair and borrowed the song of spring together.
verdant: It is a solemn and serious color, seemingly understandable, but not easy to comprehend
Blue: The undulating sky, the colorful blue, the beauty of a blessing, the picturesque life is like this.
Violet: It’s like a faint smell, it’s lost, it’s hard for Wenner.

In life, the color hits our eyes all the time. Let me introduce you to a product colorimeter. What is a colorimeter?

colorimeter, according to the CIE (International Commission on Illumination) color space Lab, Lch principle, the measurement shows
The Difference Of Colors △E and △Lab value of the sample and the sample to be tested, is now widely used in plastics, printing, paint ink, textile and clothing industries.

So how do you choose a colorimeter?
1. Confirm what products the customer is testing
Such as mobile phone case, home appliance case
2. Is the test surface flat or curved?
Solid or liquid, powder
3. How big is the test surface, preferably not less than 4mm
4. What kind of material is it?
Such as plastic or paper, metal, ceramic