Passion And Innovation Usher In New Opportunities And Developments

In order to better summarize and analyze the company's operation and management in the first half of 2018, the deployment will focus on the key tasks in the second half of the year to achieve the development goal from excellent to excellent. In the hot sun in July, we welcomed the 2018 mid-year work conference of Haida International. The general manager of Haida International, together with the heads of the management of each center and the heads of various branches, ushered in new opportunities in “passion and innovation”. With the theme of “development and development”, we have fully discussed and analyzed the problems encountered in the work in the first half of the year and the problems encountered in the implementation of various departments. The meeting was held at the group headquarters on July 9-11, and was launched on different topics within three days.

On July 9-10, the general manager of the group, Hu Haitao, and the deputy general manager of the management center, Gao Liqun, led the responsible persons to conduct intense discussions on the development trend of domestic and foreign industries and the status quo of product technology, and according to the development of the industry and the actual situation of the enterprise, Improve the company's management capabilities and adjust the marketing model. The meeting reviewed and approved the work plan for each department of each branch in the second half of the year, indicating the direction for all employees of the company and clarifying the work objectives.

The person in charge of the manufacturing system led the participants to visit the manufacturing plant and provide a professional explanation of the production process. Any component of the product is perfected in the spirit of craftsmanship. After understanding and learning, all relevant personnel have a deeper 

understanding of the company's manufacturing process, enhance their professional level, and enhance confidence for better service customers.