Ozone aging testing

Oxygen is an indispensable gas in human life. We all know that oxygen is the source of human life. People can't do without oxygen. Is there an allotropic ozone of oxygen? Have you ever understood it?
Ozone is a light blue gas with a fishy smell and is widely used in daily life, such as oxidants, bleaches, air purifiers, and the like. But what people are most familiar with is the ozone layer above the earth.
The role of the ozone layer has a profound impact on the earth's living things. The ultraviolet radiation of the sun is absorbed by the ozone at high altitude, which enhances the atmosphere and protects the earth's organisms from the extreme ultraviolet radiation. It has a bactericidal effect and is of great benefit to living things.
The content of ozone in the atmosphere is very small. It is the main factor of rubber cracking. The ozone aging test chamber simulates and strengthens the ozone condition in the atmosphere, studies the action of ozone on rubber, and then conducts ozone aging testing to quickly identify and evaluate rubber anti-ozone. The method of aging performance and anti-ozonant protection effectiveness, and then take effective anti-aging measures to improve the service life of rubber products.