How Much Do You Know About Tire Testing?

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The quality and safety of tires are related to the safety of the country and the sustainable development of foreign trade. It is an important part of achieving a quality power. In recent years, bursting, bulging, peeling, cracking, and abrasion have become the hardest hit areas for tire complaints. Risk monitoring and verification assessment can effectively control tire quality and safety risks.

With the increasing competition in the global tire business, Chinese tire companies are beginning to face a severe market situation. Coupled with the ever-changing consumer demand for products, many domestic enterprises are paying more and more attention to the OEM market. Constantly attract high-tech talents to join, establish R&D centers, improve the level of technical research, and strengthen the hard strength of tires. The original models of high-end models are the embodiment of tire product technology and brand capabilities.

European OEM tire testing requirements are very demanding, and sometimes the OEMs need a number of tire companies to bid for a model that has not yet started production (conceived concept car) and conduct multiple test comparisons. In different countries, different tire specifications and different test site requirements are different. The indoor and outdoor test items are added up to more than 50. The tire companies that have finally reached cooperation must have strong R&D technology ability.

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