Haida Talent Recruitment

With the continuous expansion of Haida, the demand for talents is also increasing day by day. In order to inject a group of talents with high comprehensive quality and professional counterparts into the company, and Haida Talent Recruitment also to enhance the company's popularity, several enterprises of Daojiao and the bureau of Daojiao citizen society went to Jieyang Vocational and Technical College to participate in the large-scale campus job fair for 2021 graduates.

Haida, as one of daojiao enterprises, is the first to participate. And I, as an executive, had the honor to participate in this job fair.On the day of departure, we will first gather at daojiao Town human Resources bureau and other relevant leaders of enterprises to go to Jieyang.

As we are still in the epidemic prevention and control period, the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security has kindly prepared masks and water for you to prevent you from getting tired during the journey and prevent and control the epidemic.After a four-hour drive, we arrived in Jieyang.After a short rest and adjustment, in the afternoon we entered Jieyang Vocational and Technical College to visit and talk with the hospital.

Our daojiao enterprise has been warmly welcomed by the school. During our conversation, we further familiarised ourselves with the school and the enterprise through our brief introductions.

Very sadly, because we did not communicate with the school contact in advance, time arrangement inconvenient, beijiao enterprise can't in jieyang vocational and technical college students will conduct propaganda, so can only contact us with relevant departments of the teacher in charge, professional counselor, hope that through the introduction of teachers, let the students to know our company, to know the profile of companies and the required position.

Through this lesson, we will definitely deploy relevant work in advance next time to ensure the smooth implementation of the work.We can't have a promotion meeting, but we can't afford to waste this opportunity to get good people.The next day, we arrived at the recruitment site on time. Before the students arrived, we arranged our own recruitment site. We took the initiative to ask the students about their majors, which met our needs, and both sides would have a more detailed understanding.Start to introduce the company to them, let them know about Haida as much as possible, and leave their contact information, so that they can contact after the event.