Anti Yellowing Aging Test

Summer is here, under the exposure of high temperature, many materials have different degrees of damage. In our daily life, many white plastic things will turn yellow when used for a long time, such as white mobile phone case, white shoes, white on street lamps. Paint, etc., mainly due to aging or degradation of the material, generally due to aging (degradation), due to the presence of pendant groups on the polypropylene, its stability is not good, especially in the case of light.

Plastic aging yellowing is an irreversible process, but we can start from the source, that is, to control the amount of brightener added to the particles; or add a suitable antioxidant system and anti-UV agent. However, many times after the improvement, I don't know how to resist. At this time, I need a Anti Yellowing Aging Test Chamber. Haida HD-E704 yellow aging test chamber can help you.

The yellowing resistant test chamber can be used for two tests: aging and yellowing resistance, which can fully simulate the ageing and yellowing resistance of plastics in natural environments.

Aging: This machine promotes the deterioration of vulcanized rubber to calculate the rate of change of tensile force and elongation before and after heating. It is generally considered that the test at 70 ° C is theoretically equivalent to exposure to the atmosphere for 6 months.
Yellowing resistance: This machine is simulated in the atmosphere, exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet light. The appearance change is generally considered to be 3 hours of yellowing in the natural environment when the material is tested in the box for 3 hours at 70 °C.